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Nicola Welten - New Zealand abstract artist
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Nicola Welten - artist in studio

Nicola Welten - Acrylic & Multimedia Artist

Tauranga, New Zealand

Nicola comes from a family of artists and photographers going back many generations so being in an artist's studio or at a gallery opening is something she grew up with.

"I have always created in one way or another since I was a child.

My grandmother Matty was a huge artistic influence with her bold dynamic oil paintings which were always quite sought after. I loved spending time in her studio, and taking trips into Auckland city with my artist mum to view Nana's and others work at art galleries. As a young child that made a huge impression on me - but also normalised contemporary art in our family. I love that with paint as opposed to other artistic forms your colour palette is virtually unlimited."

Nicola paints energetic semi abstract works in acrylics and mostly on canvas. 

"I love bright vibrant colour used harmoniously and I work in an expressive way using my intuition and without too much planning. I don't wait for inspiration to strike, I just head to the studio and start using combinations of colours and marks. Part way through I will see whether the work is heading in a floral or landscape direction and follow on and edit from there. But my special focus is always using contrasting colours, tones and levels of opacity that intensify and compliment each other. 

Often the paintings seem to take on a life of their own and I love that, so every day in the studio is like heading on a wee art adventure."


Nicola enjoys connecting with collectors and other artists and is excited to once again be selected to exhibit at the NZ Art Show in Wellington in June 2023. She will be exhibiting for the first time at MAGS Art Show in Auckland in July 2023. She recently had her first solo exhibition at Carlton Gallery in Katikati in 2022. 

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